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Posted by Brendan Hickey on Aug 1, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Cloud Collect Accounts receivable is truly the lifeblood of any business that extends credit to customers. Manage it effectively, and you can grow your business strategically. Manage it wrong, and you introduce inefficiencies and increase costs that erode margins.

Cloud Collect is a cloud-based tool that works with your current invoicing software. Using your data, Solupay's Cloud Collect creates workflows to help automate your invoicing operations, while providing valuable insights you can use to improve your cash flow.

Here are just some of the benefits Cloud Collect provides:

  • Get paid 20% faster than companies who use manual or disconnected systems. Consider that companies get paid in 61 days when on average 28 day credit terms. A 20% improvement means that you’ll get paid 12 days faster.
  • Track expected payments in addition to providing a statistical cash forecast.
  • Create workflows to automatically send notifications or receive alerts when accounts are past due, so no invoice is missed.
  • Maximize unused credit lines using a holistic view of the entire accounts receivable process so you can understand how improved credit management can impact future sales. 
  • Improve your cash position by seeing statistical cash forecasts based on your customer’s historical payment history, showing you what cash you should receive in the next week out to the next 35 days. 
  • Branded and Customized Dashboard to view customer and company wide statistics.
  • Action Item Alerts to let you know when payments are overdue.

With Cloud Collect you can manage your working capital and your time more effectively, allowing you to focus on future investment decisions to grow your business. Ready to save yourself time and get paid faster? We invite you to view our Cloud Collect video today for more information:

View our Cloud Collect Video