Poll of the Day: EMV

Posted by Joe Musitano on Aug 25, 2015 12:35:46 PM

EMV pollOur blog article Top 7 Reasons NOT to Adopt EMV has received a lot of attention in the industry and among merchants.  The "migrate to EMV or die" scare tactic the media and banks are pushing feels like Y2K all over again. The world will not end in October when the EMV Chargeback Liability shifts to the merchant, but there are compelling reasons for merchants to evaluate if the time to migrate is now... or never.

In response to the popularity of this topic, we put together a quick 7 question poll to gauge where our subscribers and blog readers are when it comes to EMV migration. Find out how your mirgation plans, if any, compare with other thought leaders in your industry.  Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey.  Poll results will be posted in our next article, and will be kept anonymous.

Take our EMV Poll  

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