Keeping our Healthcare Heroes Safe and Impacting People with Payments

Posted by Jayme Moss on May 15, 2020 12:59:57 PM

Bedford Industries Identifies Problem, Pivots Industry

Jay Milbrandt, President of Bedford Industries, knew his organization had the talent, resources and drive to create a product that could make a significant impact in the world’s fight against COVID-19. On May 25, 2020, his product team developed a prototype for their new product, the ElastiShield™. This face shield would meet the demands of the shortage of protective gear in the healthcare industry, and through social media networking, Bedford received FDA registration of their new product and began production immediately... one million shields coming off the lines in the first week!


Solupay and NetSuite Align with Bedford Industry’s Sense of Urgency

Now it was time to get the product into the right hands and set up a distribution and sales channel. Bedford had signed on with NetSuite in February 2020, but had not yet begun implementation. This prompted Jay to turn to Chad Mammen, his VP of Finance, and ask “what do you think about reaching out to Netsuite to get an eCommerce site up quickly?” One week later, Bedford launched their first ever ecommerce site with NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced, utilizing Solupay for payment processing.

  • April 1: Bedford reached out to NetSuite, who got the ball rolling and recommended Solupay for payment processing.

  • April 2nd: First phone call with Bedford and Solupay to discuss options for rapid deployment.

  • April 6th: Bedford Industries contracts with NetSuite and Solupay for the development of 2 SuiteCommerce Advanced websites for online orders for the new product lines.

  • April 7th: Underwriting approves Bedford Industries in an unprecedented 1-day turnaround.

  • April 9th: The solution is deployed and the SCA sites are live and accepting orders!

"Signature to selling in just 4 days is unheard of in our industry," explains Brendan Hickey, who orchestrated the project at Solupay. "We approached this project with a tremendous sense of urgency, understanding the greater global impact it had. I am proud of the collaboration of NetSuite and Solupay to assist Bedford in this endeavor."

Meanwhile, Bedford Industries could not have asked for better partners in NetSuite and Solupay to join forces in keeping our healthcare heroes safe. "We needed a credit card processor and we needed it now," concluded Mammen. "Solupay was recommended and I was immediately impressed with the attitude. It wasn’t ‘we need to think about this.’  It was ‘how do we get this done?’ Solupay operated on the same wavelength as Bedford Industries, which drove this whole product to begin with: You guys need it, we have it, now let’s get it done."

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