Partner Spotlight: Meet Crystal Tollison from ArcherPoint

Welcome to our new Partner Spotlight series, where we feature one of our valued partners in the Microsoft Dynamics reseller channel. This initiative focuses on highlighting the AWESOME people we get to collaborate with on a daily basis! Take a break from the daily grind and get to know Crystal Tollison from ArcherPoint:

What do you enjoy about working in your industry?
There is never a dull moment. There is always something new on the horizon. Sometimes it makes me wish I had been a florist instead, but it does keep me on my toes. We often say it is a small neighborhood and you will often cross paths with the same people. It’s a nice neighborhood to be part of. I’ve known some of the people in this industry for 20+ years.

What motivates you to come into work every day?
My fellow tribesmen. They are great. Making people’s day better (usually).

How do you spend your spare time outside of work?
I started a ‘yard project’ about 15 years ago. I’m still trying to finish it. Neighbors stop by and ask if they can ‘tour the yard’. Should I be worried?

If you could eat dinner with any historical figure/celebrity, alive or dead, who would it be, and why?
The guy that planned and executed the Boston Tea Party. He sounds like he knows how to get into good trouble.

As a child, what did you want to be when you were grew up?
A princess. Sounded like less work than being Queen but with all the same perks.

Thank you, Crystal, for sharing a little bit about yourself with us. ChargeLogic enjoys a great relationship with the team at ArcherPoint, from knowledge-sharing to solution selling. You can follow ArcherPoint on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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