Case Study: Putting Credit Card Acceptance Processes to Work

Posted by Joe Musitano on Aug 23, 2017 10:29:01 AM

Becker Supply image-394350-edited.jpgFor years, Becker Safety and Supply was accepting credit cards and saw the extra steps and inconveniences of their credit card acceptance program as just a nuance of business. Established in 1999, Becker is a wholesale/ distribution company providing protective clothing and tools for any industry where safety is a concern. Devin Becker quickly became excited by the many advances that Solupay provides with our Built for Oracle + NetSuite payments bundle.

One major advance was the ability to accept EMV and even Contactless Payment Options (Such as Apple Pay) DIRECTLY with core NetSuite without the need for an additional point of sale solution. This was perfect as not only can Becker accept these payment methods securely in their warehouse, but also in mobile environments such as using wireless networks at a tradeshow. By doing this, Solupay hits the trifecta of lowering payment processing costs, avoiding fraudulent transactions, and reducing manual processes.

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"They have made a huge impact here," raves Devin Becker, Vice President of Becker Safety and Supply and son of founders Randy and Elesa Becker. "Not only have they reduced our costs dramatically, they have eliminated manual processes I thought would never go away."

Becker also sought out a similar convenience with their 3G terminals used on mobile supply trucks and terminals used in tradeshow environments. By having one integrated solution for NetSuite, Becker found that Solupay could not only make this process smoother, but increase their sales from those terminals while lowering acceptance costs.

After several months of great success with credit card processing in Netsuite using the Solupay solution, Becker is now beginning to use Solupay’s eInvoice-2-Cash product. Becker had sought a way to collect account receivables faster and hassle free. The time when an invoice was sent and when it was paid was not as fast as it could be. With eInvoice-2-Cash, they can email invoices directly to customers for review and immediate credit card or ACH payment. This streamlined the invoice payment processes and they are already seeing results and getting paid sooner.

Taking that a step further, the invoice is instantly recorded in NetSuite, upon approved payment, adding to their goal of streamlining manual processes.

"Their technology is years ahead of the competition," continues Becker. "I am not surprised at all with their recent Innovator of the Year award from NetSuite. These guys never stop, and they are super cool to work with.”

Innovations and the ability to work close with clients to customize a solution that works for their unique environment is one reason Solupay was awarded NetSuite Innovator of the Year for 2017.

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