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Don't just automate. Transform your AR.

The first Collaborative AR Network

Versapay goes beyond automation by connecting to customers over the cloud with collaborative AR. The result is increased efficiency and accelerated cash flow—with more satisfied customers to boot.

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Collaborative AR is better AR

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In a survey of 400 CFOs, 93% are in the process of digitizing their accounting functions. The reason why? To create better customer and vendor experiences. Versapay goes beyond automating your AR and helps you transform it by connecting your accounting team with your customers in the cloud via a dedicated portal. The results speak for themselves.

  • 50reduction in manual work
  • 30decrease in past-due invoices
  • 95customer satisfaction rate
  • 25increase in payment speed

The first Collaborative AR Network

Versapay combines our Collaborative AR platform and B2B Payment Network in one solution to drive efficiency, accelerate cash flow, and dramatically improve the customer experience.

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Accelerate cash flow with Collaborative AR automation

Automate your entire AR lifecycle from order to cash. Connect your AR department with your customers and vendors in the cloud through a dedicated portal.

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Auto-match any payment with AI-powered cash application

Automate your cash application process using machine learning to match any payment type with open receivables. Capture and reconcile payment data, eliminate entry errors, significantly reduce manual effort, and speed up cash flow.

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Accept all payment types with integrated ERP Payments

Process payments, present omni-channel invoices, provide multiple payment options, lower processing costs and fraud, and increase security—all directly in your ERP.

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Streamline acceptance and processing with our Payment Network

Full services for business and retail. Streamline processes, drive digital payment adoption, lower processing costs, speed up payment cycle times, and protect sensitive customer data.

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The Impact of Customer Experience on B2B Payments

We surveyed 1,000 C-level executives at companies with a minimum annual revenue of $100m USD on their accounts receivable digital transformation efforts:

  • 73% of executives identify that invoice-to-cash (I2C) can negatively impact the customer experience
  • 81% of CFOs are concerned that the AR department is not customer-oriented enough
  • 94% of CFOs say the right technology can strengthen relationships with customers in the I2C process

What our customers say about transforming AR with Versapay

“Versapay gives our customers tremendous accessibility on their own time to get what they want when they want it. They can transact with us now. The number of payments we're getting electronically now is double what it was.”
John Shamanis, CFO | Carrier Enterprise
  • 10kinvoices per month
  • 50increase in electronic payments
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